Magnolia x soulangeana 'Randy'

(Saucer Magnolia, Chinese Magnolia)

Ult. Height:
15 feet - 25 feet
Ult. Spread:
25 feet
Best Exposure:
Partial Shade
This hybrid Magnolia tree has beautiful flowers that bloom on bare branches in very early spring prior to leafing out. Flowers vary in color on different trees from white, pink and purple. The flowers are lightly scented and range from 4 inches to 8 inches wide. Widely used in Japanese gardens.
Form: Multi trunk
Best Uses: Best as a stand alone tree, especially against a dense green background which will accentuate the flower color.
Recommended Placement: Will not take full sun which will burn the tender leaves.
Heavy frost will burn the new flower buds if the tree is not protected.
Does not like the roots disturbed, so avoid planting understory material.
Optimal Soil: Nutrient rich, well draining soil. Use slow release fertilizer to decrease the risk of leaf burn.

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